Cybersecurity Analyst Spotlight: Transforming Active Directory to Bolster Security and Efficiency

Brought to you by IDC, Microsoft and One Identity.

Security and efficiency in IAM are top of mind for IT leaders, particularly as we seek solutions to stop and limit damage from breaches - and enable a Zero Trust security model. In this webinar, learn from cybersecurity leaders from IDC, Microsoft and One Identity as they discuss and spar over how to bolster your security posture and limit the IAM attack surfaces. As IAM leaders know, Active Directory and Azure AD are at the core of the majority of identity management programs. However, despite the powerful organization and operational capabilities of AD/AAD native tools, users are limited by the lack of flexibility and task automation. Often these limitation are cited as avenues for bad actors to execute breaches. Organizations are looking for ways to enhance native Active Directory capabilities with toolkits that improve efficiency and security.