Modernizing: How to build for delivery that evolves at the speed of business.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created a colossal shift in the way companies invest in digital experiences and compete. Today, enterprises that have been around for 100 years are required to live up to the same experience standards that digital-born companies have set to keep pace with rapidly evolving customer expectations – and the bar is high. In today’s world, enterprises must pivot at the speed of customer need, or risk fading away into irrelevancy. And while CIOs are pressured to demonstrate early success with the transformation, there's considerable risk in changing too quickly, without first taking inventory or preserving what an enterprise does best.

To meet this demand, enterprises must bridge the gap between what customers want and what IT systems can support. They must navigate the digital chasm, and bridge client’s legacy systems with custom, future-fluent tools and solutions. Conquering this digital divide and enabling true sustainable transformation hinges on one fundamental tenet: a customer-to-core mindset.

In this virtual roundtable, PK will provide a blueprint for how enterprises can bridge the digital chasm, align and activate customers at scale, and prepare their people and systems for what’s next, including:

· A roadmap for breaking the transformation process into achievable, incremental steps

· How to effectively preserve what’s worth saving by connecting legacy systems with innovative strategy and customer technology

· Ways to identify invisible transformation roadblocks, such as unconscious bias or siloed thinking

· Proven strategies for building a cross-functional team to spearhead modernization from end-to-end