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Governed self-service analytics at scale: An overview of modern enterprise analytics

Self-service analytics empowers organizations to fully leverage their data, be it for saving lives, driving supply-chain efficiency, or spotting new opportunities. The goals of self-service analytics are simple: 1. Empower people to ask and answer their own questions with data 2. Enable people to easily share their insights with their team and the rest of the organization 3. Ensure that the data driving the decisions is accurate Download this whitepaper to learn about the power of self-service analytics.

Identity and Access Management Success Requires a Holistic Approach

Traditional, perimeter-based network security approaches are necessary, but no longer sufficient. Watch as IDC security expert, Frank Dickson, explains why today’s networks must be properly segmented so that access for an identity is continually authenticated and provisioned based on role and need.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

IP Address Audit Checklist: A 10 Step Guide

Quickly securing your Internet Edge is an urgent business imperative, and must start with a baseline audit of the IP addresses that are relevant to you, not only those directly registered to you, but also those IP addresses that host digital assets your organization exposes to the public Internet.

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Leading the IT Revolution

The role of technology within an organization is rapidly evolving — and so is the role of the CIO. So how can IT leaders manage this transition and take advantage of rapidly emerging opportunities? In this e-book you’ll meet 12 visionaries who are leading IT transformations in their organizations.

Case Study | Presented by Cohesity

Manhattan Associates Consolidates and Simplifies Data Protection and Files

Until recently, Manhattan Associates had used a traditional secondary storage solution to manage its large and rapidly expanding data footprint of ~1PB. Designed for traditional workflows, the company’s IT team realized it had become cost prohibitive to add features to their existing environment to support their VM level backups.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NetApp

Moving out of the Data Center to Reach More Customer Targets

Almost every organization today is focused on expanding their customer base and adding new customers as quickly as they can. This helps to drive improved business results and provide the foundation for sales growth. It's an easy management goal to implement, but it may require some new thinking for IT as older infrastructure may not be up to the challenge.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NetApp

NetApp Cloud Volumes – Cloud Native Data Management Solutions

Moving data to cloud can be difficult using first generation services and solutions. There were a number of drawbacks including the creation of new silos, lack of data management features/capabilities, and a lack of mobility. However, with a new generation of cloud native data management solutions, such as the latest offering from NetApp, these issues have been effectively eliminated.

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Ponemon Institute: Close the Cloud Security Business Gap.

As the implementation of SaaS and PaaS accelerates, what are the most effective ways to align resources and prevent data breaches?

Proactive PC Protection Against Cybersecurity Assault

Read this eBook to learn why firewalls alone can’t protect you — and how multilayered, proactive PC security that includes self-healing BIOS, multifactor authentication, self-encrypting drives, and biometric access security thwarts hackers at every level.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

Product Sheet: Edge behavior

Attackers don’t care how your Internet Edge should be configured. It's a global blindspot that must be fixed now

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