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Video/Webcast | Presented by Microsoft

Applying the Right AI for Your Business Opportunities

The AI opportunities for enterprises include improving customer experiencing, automating repetitive tasks, and bringing game-changing capabilities to market. But AI today is a mix of more mature areas such as natural language processing and recommendation engines as well as emerging areas, including deep learning and reinforcement learning. This webinar will include a summary of the most popular algorithms, where they are typically applied, and how to identify appropriate opportunities to leverage them.

eBook | Presented by Quest Software

A Zombie's Survival Guide in a Changing Database World

Now that we have your attention … Is the DBA dead? Or are your dreams of that steady role as a DBA dying as you struggle to keep up with how quickly the landscape of database administration is changing?

White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

Best Ways to Extend Endpoint Management and Security to Mobile Devices

Does endpoint management extend all the way to management of your mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets? It makes sense for IT administrators to think of mobile devices as simply another category of endpoints. Just like the traditional endpoints of PCs, printers and network devices, mobile devices carry data, they are vulnerable, and employees depend on them to accomplish their tasks.

Data Sheet | Presented by Red Hat

Containers on Cloud

Container platforms help enterprises become more nimble and increase responsiveness. As a result, containers are becoming a key component of digital transformation.

Elevate Employee Productivity by Choosing the Right Display Monitors

In December 2017, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the role of display monitors on employee productivity and the ability of firms to improve employee experience. Forrester conducted in-depth, quantitative surveys with 355 respondents, including knowledge workers and hardware procurement decision makers at organizations with 5,000 or more employees.

White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

Ensuring a Successful Windows 10 Migration

Doing business today requires an increasing number of devices and platforms, making IT endpoint management more and more complex. In addition, most organizations now have bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and Internet-of-things (IoT) technologies that need to be managed.

White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

Five Easy Steps to Smarter Systems Imaging

With traditional methods for systems imaging, each image captures a particular hardware and software configuration at a specific moment in time — static, unchanging, unmanageable. Even in the days when IT had to support only on-site Windows PCs, this approach had serious limitations.

How a PI Can Help You Solve the Mysteries of Your Database Performance

You’re the Sherlock Holmes of IT, always in demand to solve performance mysteries. In this first episode, we explore the Foglight Performance Investigator analytics toolset and how it’ll make you the ultimate database detective.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Microsoft

Implementing Your First AI Solution: Finding Quick Wins and Avoiding Speed Bumps

AI is still in early adoption phases at many enterprises with many open questions. How do you identify appropriate opportunities? How do you gain support for pilots that require iterative experimentation? This webinar will focus on tips for how to get started with AI, what data preparation is required, and how to efficiently run an agile AI experimentation process.

Is the DBA Dead... or Alive and Preparing for the Future?

Watch this webcast and you’ll get to see real-world statistics on the evolving role of the DBA, common DBA concerns and valuable insights for career success. You’ll also learn how the trends of DevOps, cloud, NoSQL, big data and more will shape the future.

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