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Top 15 tools for predictive analytics

Predictive analytics tools comb through your data to divine visions of your business future. Here’s an overview of the wide array of options available today.

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Virtual Event

The much-anticipated annual gathering of senior IT executives and technology experts at the 2020 CIO Summit will be back this September, in a brand new virtual setting.


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The CIO 100 is a showcase of the crucial technology projects, IT strategies, innovations, ideas, change management and transformation initiatives CIOs in and from the UK are delivering to customers, organisations, partners and sectors.

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The inaugural CSO30 is a celebration of the role of the CSO and recognises the leading security executives in the UK.

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From crisis management to BAU and beyond: How CIOs drive change through uncertainty

Continuity planning, liaising with senior leadership and getting move value from the cloud are becoming key CIO priorities.

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From Low-Code Development to Containers: Accelerated Change in Software Teams

Application developers have undergone a significant shift in recent years. From the waterfall methodology and monolithic architecture to agile DevOps ways of working with containers, orchestration tools and microservices, the end...

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Why cloud needs a new approach to cybersecurity

CIOs and CISOs must focus on their employees, implement security by the design and reevaluate their cloud choices if they are to modernise cybersecurity for the digital age.

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Five tests that tell you if you're really a cloud-first company

What to do if your investment in the cloud isn’t paying off

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What military strategy can tell us about decision-making in a post-COVID world

How OODA Loops improve your data-driven decision-making


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3 ways to tighten security and get ready for the new normal

Why now is the perfect time to rethink your security

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Those untouchable apps you thought couldn’t be messed with? Time for a rethink…

With lockdown easing, our attention turns to how we’ll stay safe while kickstarting the economy. No one really knows what the future will bring. Likewise, for IT departments up and down the country, fundamental questions are being...

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Secrets of successful business-IT co-creation

Great things happen when business and IT define and solve problems together. Here’s how to make the shift — and deliver results.

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Critical flaw allows hackers to breach SAP systems with ease

SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java vulnerability can be exploited without authentication and lead to complete system takeover. Patch now.

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10 ways to get value from your system integrator's quality review

Though the SI's proposals focus on the benefits the client is intended to receive from these quality reviews, the SIs are actually realizing a large portion of the benefits. Here’s how to ensure you benefit as well.