What digital leaders predict - 2014 and beyond

Only 10% of digital leaders feel that their organisation has enough resources to address the management issues and IT trends that their company has prioritised - according to our annual digital leaders survey - yet what they have been...

Change is inevitable, but CIOs should not demand too big a leap from regular users

Change is one of the foundations of the IT world. The industry is based on the drive to use technology to do things more smartly and reap benefits that nobody could have envisaged just a few years before.

Big data: messy, difficult and valuable

The key is to have a clear understanding and a shared sense of purpose between the techies and the business managers, says says BCS CEO David Clarke

Future proof your business

Most employees do little to fulfil staff career aspirations, but David Clarke CEO BCS suggests supporting thier individual efforts to improve professionally could be a cost-effective compromise

The innovation imperative

Innovation is a business imperitive, says David Clarke CEO BCS, who calls for an industry-wide approach to find ways to promote innovation and manage the inherent risk

Virtualisation versus a private cloud

David Clarke, BCS CEO goes through the pros and cons of the two most compelling architecture strategies open to CIOs at the moment

Raising the Olympic torch for remote working

The Olympic Games is going to force some CIOs to address the opportunities and pitfalls of remote working, says David Clarke at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, who has some guidelines

Creating a BYOD policy

Allowing staff to use their own hardware cannot be ignored, according to David Clarke, BCS chief executive. CIOs should not shirk the task of establishing the ground rules at work

Security and the role of the CIO

Security is no longer purely a firewall matter. BCS chief executive David Clarke explains the strategic duties the CIO has in keeping corporate data safe

What CEOs want from their CIOs

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, recently conducted a survey of over 250 CIOs, exploring: What should CEOs know from their CIOs? David Clarke, CEO of the Institute, considers the results...

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