#noPC - CIOs need to prepare for a future business computing model without the PC

Matt Ballantine proposes nine reasons CIOs need to start preparing for future business computing models without the PC.

The siren call of the unicorn - Agile, Waterfall and stupid ideas

No amount of Waterfall or Agile will make a stupid idea less stupid and turn lead into gold, writes Matt Ballantine.

The rise of the anthropomorphs - Humanoid intelligence is more than just skin deep

Anthropomorphic layers that try to "humanize" computers are possibly playing a fairly cheap psychological trick on us to imbue intelligence where there is none.

Sitting on the board might not make you a more effective CIO

Having a seat on the board is often held up as being an important recognition of the strategic value of the CIO, but not having board-level access and influence can actually make you a more effective CIO.

Agile methodology best avoided when you have known answers

Rural Payments Agency fiasco shows the Minimum Viable Product concept and Agile methodology can fail drastically when you are told precisely what you need to deliver. Going back to Project Management 101 and the Project Golden...

It's all about the data

There's so much hype about Big Data and Data Science. But from my experience of many organisations over the past two decades, comparatively few actually manage their 'data data', let alone that of the big variety, with any great...

CIO personality traits - Curiosity, humility and empathy

What are the three personality traits and capabilities you won't see on a CIO job specification, but are nonetheless crucial for success in 2016 and beyond?

HR's role in business transformation - Putting the human back in to HR

It's time for HR to move away from the transactional and measurement-based side of human resources and collaborate with technology and other functions to help provide platforms for working, writes Matt Ballantine.

The end game for collaboration

You don't innovate through optimisation of processes. Innovation comes from giving teams space, some constraints, and a bit of time pressure, writes Mat Ballantine.

eMeetings bloody eMeetings

The benefit that sustains meetings as a thing isn't the content or the structure - it's the side conversations and the building of bonds.

Get competitive and think about your overall client proposition

CIOs should be leading conversations about what support services should look like in the digital era, and helping other service departments in organisations to come to terms with what internal competitive services look like.

Up Meerkat - Working openly and embracing change

What does a technology strategy look like that accepts that change is happening and is persistent? Maybe it's time to stop thinking about control, and start thinking about shaping platforms instead.

It's a people thing

We still haven't universally accepted that the successful delivery of technology is as much an exercise in social and cultural change as it is about engineering, writes Matt Ballantine on one of the themes which emerged from the CIO...

Business as a platform

Perhaps it's the right time to start reframing the provision of technology within organisations as being about providing platforms upon which others can build - a move towards Business as a Platform, writes Matt Ballantine.

Regulated innovation - The digital strategy takeover

When big companies struggle by their nature to innovate, Matt Ballantine writes, organiations should look at pursuing the acquisition path as a catalyst for their successful digital strategy.

Don't forget the soft stuff

The history of any business will show you it's the story of people and their relationships and not about logical decisions. It's therefore crucial for CIOs to focus on their soft skills, writes Matt Ballantine.

Selling our souls - The Lil-Lets marketing test

The language we technologists use to describe what it is we do tends, as a rule, to be fairly impregnable. It falls either into the sphere of too technical, or that strange realm of management consultantese in which nouns are...

Jingle Balls - What we know for certain about the future

Don't try to predict the future, but take small calculated risks and try and learn from what works and what doesn't work.

CIOs, what's stopping you?

The delivery of software services into organisations follows a common pattern. Some sort of need is identified, that need is investigated, some sort of software is procured (either bought or built) and the software is implemented...

The culture thing - From the roots to the lily pads

As digital transformation forces organisations to rethink how they operate and the new communications channels make them increasingly transparent, issues of culture will become increasingly important.

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