Customer-centric vs customer empowering - Are you really putting the customer first?

Ian Cohen asks whether organisation's claiming to put the customer at the heart of everything they do really have the customer's best interests at heart?

The Bimodal IT fallacy - Multimodal business demands multimodal IT

The Bimodal IT concept is so flawed in interpreting business in atwo-speed model it's almost laughable. Ian Cohen comments on the real need to create responsive, flexible, agile organisations connected from back to front, front to...

How much data should CIOs and their organisations be collecting?

How much data should an organisation be collecting? Ian Cohen suggests it could be time for CIOs to step into the data collection debate and ask difficult questions about how much data is too much before their organisations lose the...

Everybody's talkin' at me

Digital transformation, disruption and the increasing pace of change - it may be inconceivable but are you actually using words and phrases common to the business and technology landscape correctly?

Please don't let me be misunderstood

Customers will rightly expect organisations to protect their information and it therefore behoves all executives to have a certain level of security savvy and vocabulary, writes Ian Cohen.

Come Talk To Me

If you are opening a dialogue with your customers you need to focus on the good and the bad; what they love as well as what they hate. Actively encouraging complaints is a great way for a company to gauge how they were performing when...

Welcome to the machine

What's the purpose of the Internet of Things? Designers and developers should be considering how all these connections and data make it possible to change the nature and experience of what we do in the real world - for the better?

I'll tell what the smile on my face meant

I’m often asked why I left corporate life so suddenly. What was the catalyst, will I go back and other related questions. And as I hear those questions I also hear a tune in my head:

'You've done it all?' - Seeking out the latest innovation

Ubiquitous technology launch events actually launch very little that's genuinely new. They seem destined, for now at least, to be the homes of incremental upgrades - each one paraded to the sound of adoring whoops from the gathered...

'Are you experienced?'

People who have become successful at doing what they've always done rarely see or recognise the opportunities for disruptive change that new entrants spot with laser-like clarity, writes Ian Cohen.

Who's Next? Meet the new boss - same as the old boss

In his first column for CIO UK, Ian Cohen says technology and the 'digital journey' is a culture and now everyone's job - and it's the responsibility of each person across an organisation to be able to speak the right language if...

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