2015 will not be the year of the wearables

This year I will (as usual) add my own voice to those adding their two pennies worth. I also have a few thoughts about things I really don’t expect to see

The art of effective collaboration

Collaboration has to start with people and culture. This is not to say that tools and technologies aren’t important, but you have to start by creating the kind of environment that encourages people to work together.

In praise of local knowledge

CIOs from regional Britain are showing our national majors the way to invest in UK talent, encouraging startups and entrepreneurs and boosting the economy

Magic wheels show real British leadership, innovation and spirit

The ethos to break everything down to its smallest component and then look at how each one can be improved individually - from cyclists bringing their pillows from home to ensuring they wear an aerodynamic cover on their shoes...

G4S Olympic security disaster should inform future C-levels

You would have to be sceptical about the claims that G4S only knew the extent of the problem a couple of weeks before the opening ceremony but at whatever point they did realise it was clearly too late.

Collaboration 3.0

Outside the work environment people are collaborating like never before.

Give us a break!

While the rest of the UK was up in arms about the granny tax and VAT on pasties, one particularly interesting piece of the budget announcement slipped by largely unnoticed

Beyond the life of Pi

Innovation is alive and well in Britain and should be a key characteristic of all CIOs, along with the ability to encourage others to create game-changing technologies

The CIO talent show

It’s the ideal time to start looking for your next CIO role, but your CV will need an update to play up the attributes that define today’s sought-after information leader

Four IT trends for 2012

The CIO of 2012 faces a quartet of challenging changes based about anticipating colleagues’ behavioural needs and providing fast, accurate business information

The CIO = the man that can?

2011. A year that will be remembered for many things – most of them not all that great.

Information for sale

If departments can buy their own commodity IT, where does that leave today’s CIO? As the purveyor of timely, contextual and critical information to the business...

The nature of nurture to build a strong IT team

Building a strong and innovative IT department is partly about pushing your staff to discover hidden talents and creating a buzz that prospective employees can't resist

Building a legacy

A tendency to add new applications without retiring legacy systems has left us with over-complicated, inefficient technology. It’s time for a clean-up…

Young, gifted and British

Disaffected youth rioting in the streets is only part of the story, says Mike Altenddorf. The UK is brimming with young technology talent

The emperor's new clothes and other stories

We may be seeing the death of the IT dinosaurs as they try to re-invent themselves as sleek, furry social networking beasts in desperation

Build the buzz about your business & IT if you want talented staff

For all the talk of redundancies and efficiencies there is still a war going on out there for the top talent.

Xfactor and other 2010 Eureka moments

In his review of the year, Mike Altendorf casts an optimistic note in the face of public sector cuts and a push on efficiencies

SCVNGR is the next big thing in social media

Tools like this create another channel out to the customer. A conduit for information to flow out and channel data back in

Why private cloud can help you sleep better at night

Keeping a measure of control over data doesn't necessarily mean not outsourcing some of your infrastructure

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