Brexit and Europe 2.0 - Pressing 'reset' Button on Europe to prepare for the disruptive tsunami

Brexit is an opportunity to 'press the reset' button on Europe, writers Ade McCormack - who explains four steps to move forward with Europe 2.0 which includes empowering the people and retuning the education system to be more in line...

CIO as a change agent and 'internal' start-up CEO

In my experience many organisations are struggling with the relationship between strategy, IT and digital. The smart organisations are racing ahead knowing that they are all entwined. Thus to talk about business strategy, digital...

Being a key element of cultural transformation

One of the symptoms of the digital economy is that the small group of early technology adopters is growing rapidly.

CIOs are reaching the Summit

CIOs have found their place in the organisation which enables them to do good work regardless of whether they have a key to the executive washroom.

Five faces of transformation

Being transformational is easier said than done. Ade McCormack give some advice on the practicalities of metamorphosis

The CIO is a Triathlete

Just like business executives, athletes concentrate on preparation, game-plan and execution,says Ade McCormack, who offers this guide for CIOs to get on top of their responsibilities

The high performance workplace

Working in one office is on the way out, says Ade McCormack, who warns CIOs must compete or collobarate with property management and HR to bring about high performance working

Countdown to a highly skilled IT function

The top 10 actions you need to take to ensure your talent pipeline does not dry up.

How to calculate your trust capital

The way your peers and colleagues view you has a bearing on how successful your projects are going to be. Ade McCormack recommends this method of assessing your personal branding

Beyond service as a process

The service desk is the CIO's primary contact point with the rest of the business, but Ade McCormack believes many of them have what he terms an emotional intelligence improvement opportunity

CIOs, integrate the IT function

Build your own partnership board, says Ade McCormack, if you want to pass on some of the IT responsibility to the business lines that use it

Time to be a Chief Wisdom Officer

Like western medicine, IT tackles the symptoms, not the problem, says Ade McCormack. CIOs must adopt a more holistic approach


Business schools need to embrace the concept of digital leadership as a c-suite competence.

Do less to help the business

It's a sad indictment of the cost of keeping the train on the rails, but many IT bosses think if they didn't tightly control IT, the business would be out of control

It’s time for CIOs to re-appraise the 80-20 rules

Why don’t you offer to help the business erode its profit margin?

Younger IT bosses can escape the bonds of tech management to become digital leaders

Younger IT bosses can escape the bonds of tech management to become digital leaders, but where does that leave older CIOs, asks Ade McCormack

Chaos and innovation officer

Entropy, the universe's tendency towards disorder, is something that organisations typically fight using smooth, predictable business processes, ideally automated by commoditised new technologies.

Can a CIO be a visionary?

Can a CIO be a visionary, driving the business forward while remaining cautious in the face of colleagues’ idealism

Taking a direct line to the CFO

You may not enjoy your dealings with the CFO, but he's not that comfortable with you either. A bit of gentle influence is in order, advises Ade McCormack

IT helpdesks could learn lessons from the medical profession

Bedside manner is as important as technical proficiency

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