Britain and Europe - The Digital Single Market?

Ensure that you are well informed on the issues around the EU Commission's drive for a Digital Single Market. It could be very important for the future competitiveness of your business, writes Richard Sykes.

The CIO, the Board and the challenge of the cloud

Cloud is a business agenda, not a technological agenda.

Britain's canals offer CIOs & vendors a cloud lesson

Strategic thinking with fuzzy boundaries are required of CIOs and their board level peers as Cloud computing sets to disrupt your business the way Richard Trevithick's first locomotive did to the once dominant canal market.

Welsh government investment driving innovation

Wales is rich in technology ventures, large and small – and the growing spread of supporting insitutions

What Parkinson could have taught the BBC

An open letter of advice to boards and female board members who need to avoid the mistakes made at the BBC.

Bangladesh is promising big things from a growing small software industry

Bangladesh should stop comparing its ICT industry with that of its bigger neighbour. Its outsourced offerings are on a much smaller scale but are no less innovative for it

European Commission strategy to address cloud concerns

SMEs are adopting cloud solutions with great success, but large-scale delivery is being held up by concerns over standards and security. The EC is picking up the mantle

It is at the user-end where the rubber hits the road

Vendors should cut back on investment in aggressive marketing, and invest instead in listener/learners who can capture the richness of customer experience with the vendor’s product or service, and put that learning to work

HP pays a big price for failure to focus

This August’s announcement of HP’s $8bn write-off against the $14bn paid to acquire EDS in 2008 is shattering news.

Radically Re-Working Our Business Landscapes

We need to pull back from the work of the PR and marketing folk.

A bridge too far for vendors keen on cloud

Building a contemporary technology vendor that delivers with a parallel competitive elegance to the engineering marvels across the globe, requires both that mark of genius and those underlying resources of deep experience to draw on

Users take the driving seat

The time is now ripe for a determined drive to disenfranchise the IT industry from its conviction that its role is to drive change, and enfranchise the wider user community to creatively take the wheel

Platform arrivals

Dependable platforms are key to the continued growth of cloud-served software, and opportunities abound for vendors able to provide secure integrated platforms

The integration game

The cloud is the answer, but many customers are unwilling to ask the question

The curious incident of Hillingdon and Google

Cloud-sourced IT services offer massive savings, so why doesn't the entire public sector shift to Google Apps? Because the current situation suits all parties too well

SMEs must go global for outsourcing

Offshoring needn't be the sole preserve of big players: small technology companies can enjoy the benefits of 'brain extension' as both clients and suppliers

The LaaS frontier

Wireless working has freed IT folk from infrastructure management to concentrate on securing vital market gains like finding focused expertise at the best prices

Talking testing

Testing professionals are too concerned with technical design and execution processes, neglecting the strategic frameworks that will win the approval of the board

The constantly evolving IT industry can learn a lot from more mature fields

The constantly evolving IT industry can learn a lot from more mature fields, not least how clients needs can be met in different, but no less appropriate, ways

Co-surfing the transformation wave

Both vendors and enterprises face significant investment to survive the transformation to virtualisation. Why not work together?

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