Can the EU become a leader in AI technology?

Europe already falls behind the US and Asia in terms of investment into AI. Alistair Maughan writes that failure to invest adequately in AI could risk the EU becoming primarily a consumer of solutions developed elsewhere – as has...

GDPR: Time to make that change

Having done the hard work of identifying what changes are necessary, it's now important to work out how to make those changes and to make sure that the changes get implemented at the right time, writes Alistair Maughan for CIO UK.

Potholes Ahead - the EU's Plans for Reform in 2018

Alistair Maughan looks at the EU's 'Work Programme' and some of the key legislative issues and proposals that could impact on organisations in 2018 including 5G networking, cyber security, artificial intlelligence and the fight...

Automatic for the people - Software updates and when the law gets things right

Despite a tendency to bemoan how slow the law has often been to keep up with major advances in technology, Morrison & Foerster partner Alistair Maughan writes how lawmakers have wrapped a decent, workable legal approach to consumer...

Google's EU fine, The Digital Single Market, and regulating IoT, drones and blockchain | What route will the UK's post-Brext regulatory roadmap take?

Alistair Maughan comments on Google's EU antitrust fine, the Digital Single Market, regulating IoT, drones and blockchain, and the UK's post-Brext regulatory roadmap

Responding to an IT failure - Restoring customer confidence and IT systems

Any organisation suffering an IT failure needs to find a way to restore both the IT systems and its customers' confidence – and, crucially, that needs to happen quickly - writes Alistair Maughan following BA's disastrous IT failure.

Payment Transparency Regulations - Will transparency improve payments?

Payment Transparency Regulations came into effect in April 2017 - Alistair Maughan outlines the main steps businesses in the ICT sector should now take around transparency in payment practices

Machine-generated data - Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

Who can do what with IoT and machine-generated data? Who owns it? And are there any restrictions on how that type of data can be commercialised, asks Alistair Maughan?

Brexit - Supremely obvious ruling leaves businesses and CIOs none the wiser

Brexit - Supremely obvious ruling leaves businesses and CIOs none the wiser

Where does the Supreme Court decision leave businesses attempting to grapple with the practical realities of Brexit? Lawyer Alistair Maughan says UK businesses and CIOs still in the dark until specific Brexit-related changes are known....

SME suppliers will further penetrate IT ecosystem as startups and SMEs continue to make greater early investments in emerging technology

Fractures in the long-term services market has been beneficial for the SME marketplace, writes Alistair Maughan. SIAM-managed, SME populated ecosystems are here to stay as SMEs continue to make greater early investments in emerging...

The Autumn Statement and the UK technology sector - Can the government use macro-economic industry stimuli to fend off foreign invaders?

What does the 2016 Autumn Statement means for the UK technology sector? Legal expert Alistair Maughan looks at how Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond's plans will impact R&D, startups, M&As, takeover of UK organisations and...

Enemies of the People? | Brexit will have little impact on attitudes towards use of English law in commercial IT contracts

Enemies of the People? | Brexit will have little impact on attitudes towards use of English law in commercial IT contracts

English law is predictable and flexible and will continue to be attractive after Brexit, writes Alistair Maughan. Brexit will have little impact on attitudes towards the use of English law for a significant cross-section of commercial...

Microsoft prevails in US Stored Communications Act ruling over Dublin servers | What does it mean for providers and users of cloud services?

New York courtroom concludes US government Stored Communications Act warrant could not be applied extraterritorially and, in turn, could not be used to support the extraction of emails stored on Microsoft servers in Dublin to the...

Communication breakdown and the CIO role in keeping IT contracts clear

Alistair Maughan writes how important it is that IT contracts are clear and use non-technical language making them less prone to be disputed, but that they are understood by all parties without additional guidance and support.

Digital Economy Act - UK needs more outward-facing digital policy to compete in global market

It's hard not to conclude that the Digital Economy Bill seeking to replace the 2010 Digital Economy Act is inward-looking and relatively infrastructure-focused, writes Alistair Maughan. The inevitable next step must be to move quickly...

Brexit and the Law - What CIOs need to know about EU GDPR and IT contracts

What are the implications of a Brexit for CIOs in the UK - how will it influence future technology operations decisions and what is the impact of the timings of a Brexit on the EU General Data Protection Regulation?

What are the legal implications of Robotic Process Automation?

What are the implications of Robotic Process Automation on the terms of outsourcing contracts?

Blockchain - Legal and regulatory issues around distributed ledger technology

What are the legal issues around blockchain? Alistair Maughan looks at underlying technology of distributed ledger from a legal and regulatory perspective and explains why creating or adopting an enterprise blockchain solution will be...

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse - AWS Service Terms updated for the undead

The AWS Service Terms have been updated to address the often ignored issue of whether software licence rights survive a zombie apocalypse. Legal expert Alistair Maughan addresses the key issues CIO need to be concerned about in the...

Harmonising Digital and Online Sales in Europe

The European Commission has announced new draft laws that would give buyers new remedies in respect of digital content supplied online. Here Alistair Maughan explains what you need to know about the draft digital content directive and...

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