Trusting Brexit Britain - A chance to reboot the broken model of personal data security

Brexit Britain needs to become a trusted exemplar of digital security and the protection of citizens' personal data so instead of obsessing about reviving the groat and the farthing, let's use the catalyst of Brexit to reboot the...

Technology's role in the future economic and social wellbeing of the UK

The long-standing deficit of expertise at the heart of government policymaking needs fixing. Jerry Fishenden cuts through the shallow techno-Babel amplified by Industry Analysts and large consultancy houses, saying the new role of...

Making the UK a world leader in the digital economy

By applying best practice and strengthening protection for citizens and businesses alike, the government can help establish the UK as a world leader in the digital economy, writes Jerry Fishenden

Celebrating the hidden champions of better public services in the CIO 100

Public sector CIO 100 champions are helping guide us away from website evolution to digital revolution. The CIO 100 is an important opportunity to share and learn from the first-hand experiences of those tackling the truly complex,...

Government as a Platform needs to focus on value – not just technology

If 'Government as a Platform' (GaaP) simply becomes a list of technology to be built, it will illustrate once again that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, writes Jerry Fishenden.

Better public services require entrepreneurship, not just engineering

The planning, running and management of our public services has often diverged from the real-time data-driven insights and operations of the best organisations elsewhere. Yet timely, reliable and high quality information has always...

UK election must debate central and local power

The familiar old debates about centralised versus decentralised public services are already emerging ahead of the next general election. Yet we lack any meaningful evidence of what’s best done centrally (once) and what locally (many...

Digitizing Government - A call to arms to fix broken services

"Digitizing Government: Understanding and Implementing New Business Models" has just been published, the book I've co-authored with Alan Brown and Mark Thompson. We finished it early this year, and it's been "in the works" at the...

The GOV.UK performance dashboard is essential

You wait ages for a good reason to celebrate, and then two come along at once. Barely had the birthday candles been blown out on last month’s second anniversary cake for GOV.UK and now it’s the 20th anniversary of the launch of the...

Election Promise - It's time to banish the idea of the 'digital manifesto'

There was a time in the early to mid-2000s when I thought we needed a "digital manifesto" or "manifesto for technology" – something that would set out clearly and in plain English how technology would improve our public services. What...

Open, modern government requires open standards

Despite opposition from noisy vested interests, the UK government's latest consultation on its Standards Hub tackles the vexed issue of open document formats - and how best to enable government, citizens, businesses, and voluntary...

EC cloud intervention will impede much-needed innovation

Timing, as they say, is everything. Trying to standardise a new technical innovation for example when it’s still in the early growth stage is a classic example of bad timing.

Better public services needs organisation-wide reform

It's just over 19 years since the website first tried to put all government information online in one place.

Technology leadership and the CIO 100

The 2013 CIO 100 champagne reception was an entertaining evening of thoughtful conversation, insight and humour. One recurrent soundbite was that 'CEOs get the CIOs they deserve', reflecting how top calibre CIOs have both backing and...

Government IT is nothing special

Open policy is putting paid to the idea that public sector IT is somehow ‘special’ in its needs

Tomorrow's public sector CIO is a business-led, user-focussed hybrid

Public-sector IT chiefs should be business-led, user-minded and focused on the road ahead

Vanilla nice

The adoption of consumer products will cut costs and drive a new era of user-friendly IT services

Will the new Cabinet deliver open IT and better public services?

It’s clear that the government’s IT strategy is already having an impact.

Whitehall zeroes in on cost

It wasn’t long ago that an organisation’s choice of IT was dictated to its users by a centralised internal IT function, hand-picking selected devices and favoured suppliers

Open govt and the power of information

The role of technology and the CIO is pivotal to open government by delivering transparency, greater accountability and improved efficiency.

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