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enterprise tech trends 2020

The Complete Guide to Enterprise Technology Trends in 2020

Here we have rounded up some key predictions for the year ahead, covering everything from the ongoing development of 5G connectivity across the UK and beyond, to the hottest trends in artificial intelligence and open source technology....


The Complete Guide to GDPR

Whether you treat GDPR as a threat, an opportunity, or a mix of the two, every organization needs to be compliant with the rules. Here is our complete guide to GDPR.


The Complete Guide to Sustainability

We look at the relationship between the technology industry and the climate crisis, focusing on the damage the sector is currently having on the planet alongside how some technological innovations can be harnessed for good to help...

ECB Head of IT turns to tech to create the perfect cricket bowler

Damian Smith's team at the England and Wales Cricket Board is using machine learning and biomechanics to improve player performance From elites to grassroots

open banking 2019

The Complete Guide to Open Banking

The fundamentals of open banking as it happens here in the UK: its origins and what key industry players need to consider when it comes to the opportunities and threats the regulation brings.

cloud migration

The Complete Guide to Cloud Migration

A selection of real-world stories of enterprise cloud migrations, from all-in moves to key databases or applications.

DAZN's SVP of IT Services Georgina Owens reveals the tech transforming TV viewing

Owens oversees the IT infrastructure that powers the world's largest sports streaming services

it in the nhs

The Complete Guide to IT in the NHS

We delve inside the government's new healthtech unit.

R&A CTO Steve Otto explains how golf's governing body uses data to drive the game

Steve Otto oversees a team that tests golf equipment at a state-of-the-art facility in Scotland

Williams F1 CIO Graeme Hackland reflects on 22-year career disrupting the sport

Graeme Hackland has spent more than two decades driving disruption in Formula One. He tells CIO UK tech about the latest developments cyber security, data science and diversity


The Complete Guide to 5G

We run through what industry analysts and experts are predicting around 5G deployment and how organizations expect to leverage 5G in the future.

quantum computing

The Complete Guide to Quantum Computing

Find out more about how enterprise vendors are leading the charge to make quantum computing a reality.

How the National Theatre is fostering collaboration across teams

George Tunnicliffe, Head of IT Operations at the National Theatre, credits collaboration between his department and the rest of the organisation for the reduction in ticket incidents

Arsenal IT Director Christelle Heikkila explains the role of data in football

Heikkila has to ensure the club maximises the value of data while protecting sensitive information about players and fans

The state of the tech industry - A CTO's perspective

Global Chief Technology Officer David Henderson, the 2018 CIO 100 leader, writes exclusively for CIO UK about the steps CIOs and CTOs can take to be effective technology leaders.


The Complete Guide to OpenStack

The key players in the ecosystem, how to become an OpenStack engineer and some case studies of organizations committing to the open source infrastructure project.

enterprise email

The Complete Guide to Enterprise Email

The state of enterprise email today, including which vendor to choose and how best to protect against threats.

Hotels.com CTO Thierry Bedos discusses cloud, data, DevOps and developing the diversity of the technology function

Hotels.com CTO Thierry Bedos is using AWS to power extensive machine learning that improves the customer experience

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