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7 tips for getting out of a bad vendor contract

When a seemingly sweet deal turns sour, it's time to prepare an exit strategy. Here’s how to preserve essential business operations, your vendor relationship and your job.

Rentokil Initial IT Director Dan McCormick CIO 100 interview - Embracing digital culture

Rentokil Initial IT Director Dan McCormick discusses breaking down silos and building a digital culture at the FTSE 100 company.

Deloitte CIO Sheila Doyle Q&A - Recruitment, disruptive technologies and the changing nature of the CIO role

Deloitte CIO Sheila Doyle speaks to CIO UK about the importance of using disruptive technologies to build an environment conducive to attracting and retaining top talent who will better serve clients

CIO UK podcast episode 15 - Making Artificial Intelligence a Business Reality, and the CIO's role in AI ethics CTO Chris Bradbury, and HMRC's Deputy IT Director of Data Engineering & Delivery, Ashraf Murtada, discuss the business, legal and ethical implications of artificial intelligence on episode 15 of the CIO UK podcast.

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How to get more innovation from your IT outsourcer

CIOs looking to leverage service providers for disruptive solutions must change how they select, contract with, and manage those partners. 

Charles Taylor CIO Jason Sahota on the importance of a CEO mentality

Sahota fulfills both roles as CIO of the insurance company and CEO of its insurtech subsidiary

Freshfields CISO Mark Walmsley explains how he manages insider threats

Walmsley uses a roadmap of risk to protect the Magic Circle law firm

Places for People CIO Norma Dove-Edwin video interview - Infrastructure refresh and cloud migration

Places for People Chief Data and Information Officer, Norma Dove-Edwin says her biggest priorities for 2019 are dictated by her business plan and strategy, which includes a complete infrastructure overhaul and move to the cloud.

JLL's EMEA CIO Chris Zissis and CTO Andy Crow interview - Skills, data science, and ensuring IT is a value generator

JLL's EMEA CIO Chris Zissis and CTO Andy Crow discuss the delineation between the CIO and CTO roles, developing an in-house digital capability, the workplace of the future, data science, attracting and retaining skilled technologists,...

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How (and why) to break up with your IT service provider

When plans change or performance is poor, it may be time to break off an outsourcing commitment. Here’s how to make the process as pain-free and productive as possible.

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5 types of outsourcing providers — and how to get the most from them

From service integrators to transformers, CIOs are finding that they must tap an array of IT services providers to meet their needs.

Tibco COO Matt Quinn, BMO Financial Group Chief Technology & Operations Officer Jean-Michele Arès, f

CIO UK podcast episode 9 - CIO to COO, CIO-CTO delineation and lessons from NASA's Chief Astronaut

Tibco COO Matt Quinn, BMO Financial Group Chief Technology & Operations Officer Jean-Michele Arès, former NASA Chief Astronaut Dr Peggy Whitson and JLL CIO Chris Zissis were among the contributors to episode nine of the CIO UK podcast...

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7 keys to transformational outsourcing success

Enterprises are investing in transformation-enabling IT services with mixed results. Here are the keys to a successful outsourcing partnership in the age of digital transformation

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