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Introducing the CSO30 - CISO and security leadership awards nominations now open

CSOs, CISOs and cyber security leaders are invited to enter the inaugural CSO30, which will celebrate information security executives at a celebration reception in London on 21 May 2020.

University of Exeter Chief Information and Digital Officer Alan Hill video interview - Wargaming cyber security operations

University of Exeter Chief Information and Digital Officer Alan Hill discussed Wargaming Cyber Security operations, protecting your assets and preparing for breaches in a video interview at the 2019 CIO Summit.

How CIOs are protecting their organisations from cyber attacks

IT business leaders explain their cyber security strategies

How CIOs are ensuring GDPR compliance

IT business leaders explain how they make their organisations comply with GDPR

How to implement a successful security plan

As the threat landscape continues to grow, creating and implementing a robust security plan should be top of the agenda for CIOs across the UK

CISO job elevation stalls despite increase in attacks and security budgets

An overwhelming number of CIOs are expecting an increase in their budgets specific to security to tackle the growing cyber threat, according to the 2019 CIO 100 - while the elevation of the CISO to being a peer of the CIO appears to...

How CIOs can balance employee convenience and security

There has typically been a trade-off between security and convenience, how should CIOs best balance these at-times conflicting goals?

Arsenal IT Director Christelle Heikkila explains the role of data in football

Heikkila has to ensure the club maximises the value of data while protecting sensitive information about players and fans

How to promote cybersecurity within your organisation

Training, providing secure devices and delivering a cultural change are ways CIOs can increase cybersecurity in the workplace

Securing the cyber space age through public-private collaboration

Zurich Group COO Kristof Terryn writes exclusively for CIO UK about how collaboration between governmeent and industry is required to help secure cyber space for the benefit of society as a whole.

How leading CIOs are approaching blockchain

These are some UK CIOs investing in the distributed ledger technology in different ways in their organisation

Best free antivirus software for business

Here are some of the top free antivirus software to use in the home and office space

Freshfields CISO Mark Walmsley explains how he manages insider threats

Walmsley uses a roadmap of risk to protect the Magic Circle law firm

CIO for UK military operations overseas discusses global cyber threats

Nicholas Lloyd, CIO for the Permanent Joint Headquarters of the MoD, explains how to defend against states and organised crime

Kier Group CIO Duncan Stott explains how he coordinates cyber security with board and CISO

Stott protects the construction company with technology and training to defend, detect and respond

Does your organisation need a CISO?

Advice on the importance of a Chief Information Security Officer in your business

How to implement a cyber security strategy for a new CIO

Here is how CIOs can implement an effective cyber security strategy to the board members, from the framework to all essential security steps

How to perform an IT risk assessment

Sometimes disasters can’t be averted, but they can still be recovered from. Planning for the worst keeps the impact to a minimum

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