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Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust’s CIO Mark Stanton Q&A – Improving patient healthcare, WannaCry and the future of the Trust

Chief Information Officer Mark Stanton discusses how he is improving patient healthcare by transitioning to a paperless system to create a digital Trust.

British Red Cross CIO Rosie Slater develops donation platform as part of IT transformation

British Red Cross develop a digital platform to cope with user capacity and help improve the donating experience.

Trainline Security Director Mieke Kooij on CISO role and cyber security culture

Trainline Security Director Mieke Kooij discusses the CISO role, security culture, data privacy, making sure the board is aware of cyber risks, GDPR and doing the right thing for your customers.

EU GDPR - What, when, why and how? A CIO roadmap to getting ready for GDPR

MoFo lawyer Annabel Gillham explains how to ensure compliance with EU GDPR guidelines, and offers a checklist of what CIOs should be doing to prepare their organisations for the enforcement of incoming regulations.

Security on a budget for SMEs - Sun Branding Solutions CIO Kevin Evans outlines best practice in tackling cyber threat

Sun Branding Solutions CIO Kevin Evans discussed SME cyber security at CIO UK's SecurIT event at the Shangri-La Hotel in London, and best practice for security on a budget for a medium-sized business.

GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre joins CISO, CIO, InfoSec and legal expert speakers at SecurIT event

A Senior Representative from GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre will join the speaker line-up at CIO UK publisher IDG's SecurIT event on the morning of June 21 in London, which includes CIOs and CISOs from Trainline, Marks &...

Rémy Cointreau CISO Xavier Leschaeve pushes security strategy into the boardroom

Rémy Cointreau CISO Xavier Leschaeve has promoted cyber security throughout the business by developing a strong relationship with the board

Big Data analytics for security - Barclays Group Security Function CIO Elena Kvochko on taking a holistic data-driven approach to cyber security

Elena Kvochko, CIO of the Group Security Function at Barclays, writes exclusively for CIO UK about the importance of Big Data analytics in cyber security, taking a holistic approach to security, why companies cannot operate with...

The University of Dundee CIO moving organisation to cloud as part of transformation programme

The University of Dundee is migrating to cloud to improve its performance, availability and security for its students.

TalkTalk Business COO Duncan Gooding on security strategy since 2015 cyberattack

TalkTalk Business COO Duncan Gooding tells CIO UK on how are they raising awareness of security after their costly 2015 data breach

Security and Trust in the Cloud

With growing volumes of information, moving faster than ever, and being accessible from everywhere, how do you maintain an environment of trust and security? We explore the options.

Barclays CSO and CISO roles merge - Chief Security Officer Troels Oerting on future threats and board support

Barclays Chief Security Officer Troels Oerting and Barclays Head of Global Information Security Strategy and Implementation, Elena Kvochko, discuss the merging of the CISO and CSO roles, as well as future threats, board level support...

Privacy Shield post-Brexit - What UK CIOs need to do about Safe Harbor replacement Privacy Shield following EU referendum

What CIOs need to consider about Privacy Shield framework following UK vote in June 2016 to exit the EU? How did Safe Harbor come about, why was it shut down, and how does its replacement Privacy Shield impact CIOs in a post-Brexit UK?...

Trusting Brexit Britain - A chance to reboot the broken model of personal data security

Brexit Britain needs to become a trusted exemplar of digital security and the protection of citizens' personal data so instead of obsessing about reviving the groat and the farthing, let's use the catalyst of Brexit to reboot the...

A New Mindset on Cloud Security

IT leaders could do with trusting the cloud, it's more secure than many businesses believe.

CSO analysis: Security and privacy challenges surrounding online voting | Why the UK has not implemented online ballots

A survey suggests that around 1.2 million additional young voters would have taken part in the EU referendum if online voting was in place. CIO UK looks at the security- and privacy concerns surrounding online voting around the world,...

Making the UK a world leader in the digital economy

By applying best practice and strengthening protection for citizens and businesses alike, the government can help establish the UK as a world leader in the digital economy, writes Jerry Fishenden

One simple way to ensure the integrity of Health IT

Learning from the Guardians of the Internet. Digital keys may be the simple answer to data security.

British Army CIO Jonathan Cole Q&A

British Army Head of Information Superiority (Deputy CIO) Jonathan Cole discusses the need for the army to share its data, its business process manangment transformation, and the crucial goal of enabling secure data transfer.

From Hillary to Ashley, black hats turn gray

Hacking medical records promises greater rewards than purely financial ones. The threat has grown worse over the last several years. In the future, telling the bad guys from the good may get tougher.

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