TechTip: How to Dim Your Smartphone Screen Before Bed

CIO | Jul 24, 2014

Save your night vision and potentially fall asleep easier with a free Android app that dims your smartphone screen. Follow reporter Nick Barber on Twitter @nickjb

The bright screen on your smartphone can cause you to have problems falling asleep if you use it before bedtime. Not only that but in a dark room, even the dimmest screen seems just too bright. With a simple and free Android app you can make your screen even dimmer, preserve your night vision and maybe help yourself fall asleep a bit easier.
After downloading Eyes Protector from Google Play I recommend setting up a schedule so that the app automatically dims your screen at a certain time.

I set mine to dim between 11 at night and 6 in the morning.

If the default dimming isn't enough for you click night color and drag the alpha slider to around 160.

You can also add in different colors. Play around and experiment.

When you're happy, click save. If you want to manually enable night mode just click the check box.

I'm Nick Barber and that's your Tech Tip. Sweet dreams!