Microsoft Buys Mojang, Apple Preps New iPhones, Android One Debuts - World Tech Update

CIO | Sep 17, 2014

On WTU this week Microsoft buys Minecraft developer Mojang, Apple readies its iPhone 6 for sale and we take a look at a high tech stadium.

On WTU this week Microsoft buys Minecraft developer Mojang, Apple readies its iPhone 6 for sale and we take a look at a high tech stadium.

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Microsoft announced a big acquisition this week. It will buy Mojang, the Swedish developer of the Minecraft PC and console game for two and a half billion dollars. The deal comes two weeks after Mojang released a version of its world-building game for Microsoft's Xbox One game console. A version for the PlayStation 4 came out a few days earlier. Minecraft is the most popular online game on Xbox, while PC users have downloaded it 100 million times since its 2009 launch. That loyalty may make the acquisition a rough ride, though. When rumors of the Mojang-Microsoft deal began circulating last week, some Minecraft fans reacted angrily, accusing the independent software developer of "selling out."
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Apple's two new iPhones are set to go on sale in a number of countries this week. Pre orders for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus reached a record 4 million in the first 24 hours. The phone will go on sale September 19 in the US, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the UK. If you missed out on preordering, don't fret. As always, Apple will offer a limited supply to consumers at its retail stores beginning at 8 am local time. We'll have coverage from launch activities in Tokyo, Boston and Palo Alto so stay tuned.
The first low cost Android One phones have debuted in India. They're based on a Google reference design and start at 6400 Indian ruppes, which is about 105 US dollars without operator subsidy. The phones run Android 4.4 and have 4.5 inch displays. They come with quad core processors and 1 gigs of RAM. The opportunity in India is that most of the demand in smartphones is coming from the low end of the market. Sub-$200 smartphones increased their share to 81 percent of the 18 million smartphones shipped in India in the second quarter of 2014.
Now it's over to our colleagues at Greenbot who had a chance to look at Motorola's new flagship smartphone, the Moto X. Here's a clip.

My colleague Melissa Aparicio had a chance to check out a high tech stadium recently that's something you'd expect for a sports venue in Silicon Valley. Levi's Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers cost 1.2 billion dollars to build. It seats 69,000 and with more and more people Tweeting and Facebooking from the game it's not surprising that the stadium has invested significantly in WiFi.
There are 1200 WiFi access points in the stadium- one for every 100 seats.In a preason game in August, 20,000 people were accessing WiFi at the same time. But perhaps the main purpose of fast, reliable Internet speed is to support the stadium’s app- a central piece of the game day experience. Through the app fans can watch instant replays, but also buy tickets and, parking passes and concessions.

Chris Giles,
Director of Business Operations, San Francisco 49ers
We’re really provide two services for food and beverage. The first of which is in-seat delivery so we actually deliver to every single seat in Levi’s Stadium//
We’re really focused on the basics for in seat so if you want a hotdog and a soda, beer, pretzel those kind of basic core items. You don’t have to get up out of your set, you simply order it, we’ll bring it to you.

The technology improvements are about getting fans to fill these stadium seats as improvements in home entertainment systems make watching the game at home a more attractive- and less expensive- option.

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