Parrot's Bebop Drone Flies Onto Shelves December 1

CIO | Nov 20, 2014

The lightweight drone that can shoot incredibly stable video will cost $500.

Parrot's Bebop drone will go on sale in time to be on your Christmas list. The flying drone with fisheye lens will cost $500 from Apple and Best Buy stores in the US and France.
What you're looking at is raw video recorded by the drone. You'll notice is that it is incredibly stable thanks to an onboard quad-core graphics processor. In lower light sections of the room like this one, there is a considerable amount of noise and grain to the video, but in better lit portions of the space that seems to go away.
The Bebop is an advance on Parrot's previously released AR.Drone.
Peter George
VP of Sales, Parrot
So a lot of what Parrot has done in the past in the drone space has been toy based products. They're very, very simple products. Very unique in terms of the technology, but ultimately they've been toys. What the Bebop drone does is take drones to a new level. So this is all about a flying camera. You have a 180 degree fisheye, 14 megapixel camera on the front of the drone. You've got amazing software that controls the imagery you can take as well as the stability of the drone.
Using the Freeflight 3 app for iOS and Android phones and tablets you can digitally adjust which part of the image is in the frame, in effect pointing the camera without moving the drone.
With reporting by Marc Ferranti in New York, Nick Barber, IDG News Service.