World Tech Update - Samsung rumored to buy BlackBerry, Detroit Motor Show and an iPhone killer

CIO | Jan 15, 2015

Coming up on World Tech Update Samsung is rumored to want to buy BlackBerry, we take a look at the new cars and concepts at the North American International Auto Show and China's Xiaomi debuts a phone that is thinner, lighter and cheaper than Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.

Thanks for joining us here on World Tech Update, I'm Nick Barber. I hope you enjoyed our coverage of CES last week. In just a bit we'll check in with Martyn who was at the auto show in Detroit this week. Is Samsung buying BlackBerry for 7 and a half billion dollars? Executives on both sides said no. Samsung and Blackberry quickly denied a Reuters report on Wednesday that executives of the two companies had met about a possible acquisition. Would it be a good deal though? Well, yes, the once-mighty Canadian mobile vendor may need a suitor if it can't weather its current transition, and Samsung could gain a lot from BlackBerry's security assets and enterprise relationships. While Blackberry still sells handsets it sees its future growth in enterprise software services.

And now it's over to Martyn Williams at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Martyn?

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Thanks Martyn. A robot you can build like Legos. We go inside San Francisco startup Modbot to take a look at how they're creating the muscles and bones of a humanoid robot. Check out or latest edition of breakout startups at the link below.

The newest Android handset from China's Xiaomi is looking to overshadow Apple's iPhone 6 plus. The handset maker unveiled its Xiaomi Note in Beijing Thursday. It has a 5.7-inch screen and is a fraction of a millimeter thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus. The phone will debut in China later this month for 2300 yuan or 376 US dollars when bought without a contract. That's a bargain in China considering the iPhone 6 plus is more than 2 and a half times that price. Xiaomi's new phablet will help the company grow its ever-increasing market share. In q3 last year, it ranked as the world's third largest smartphone vendor, behind Apple and Samsung, according to IDC.

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