Ubuntu Phone Uses Swipes for Navigation

CIO | Mar 5, 2015

Canonical's Ubuntu Phone OS relies on swiping gestures to navigate through what it calls scopes.

Google and Apple control about 96 percent of the smartphone OS market and while small, that means there's still an opportunity for others.
Canonical's Ubuntu Phone was on show at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.
The basic building blocks are called scopes, which are screens that aggregate information related to a particular topic. They include News, Music, Nearby and Today screens. The OS also has traditional apps.

Users navigate in Ubuntu Phone by swiping. For example, a swipe from the left reveals a launcher and a long swipe from the right reveals all running apps and scopes. Users can also switch between scopes with shorter swipes to left and right. This might sound complicated, but is in reality quite easy to understand.
Exact launch information for Ubuntu Phone which runs on a Meizu MX4 wasn't announced.
Rival mobile operating systems face an uphill battle. Windows Phone's struggles have shown how difficult it is to compete with Android and iOS even with massive resources.
In Barcelona, Nick Barber, IDG News Service.