World Tech Update - Sony PlayStation Vue, Nvidia Titan X, Ford robots

CIO | Mar 20, 2015

On WTU this week PlayStation launches a live TV streaming service, Nvidia fully reveals the powerful Titan X GPU and Ford powers up 500 robots to make trucks.

World Tech Update

Thanks for joining us here on World Tech Update, I'm Nick Barber. Looking to cut the cord? Sony has a new, but expensive option with PlayStation Vue, a live TV streaming service that's available starting this week. Initially coming to the Chicago, Philadelphia and New York markets, the service will provide local live TV channels with content from CBS, NBC, Fox, Viacom, Discovery and others for $50 a month. There are other options, which will include more content for 60 and 70 dollars a month. Much like traditional cable, the service blends in live TV streaming and provides on-demand access to previous content for 28 days since they were first broadcast. Users don't need a DVR as the content is served from Sony's cloud service. Sony plans to expand the service to other US markets later this year as well as to non-Sony platforms like the iPad and other Internet connected TVs.

Now it's over to my colleague Melissa Aparicio with more news.

Thanks, Melissa. Users of Facebook's Messenger will soon be able to send money through the app. The tool is designed to be as easy as sending messages, with a dollar sign icon that will appear in the app. Recipients of the money will have to link their debit card to accept the funds. The free feature will be rolling out over the coming months in the U.S. to Messenger on Android, iOS and the desktop.

SOT from Ford

In a surprise move, Nintendo plans to put games on mobile devices in a partnership with Japanese mobile gaming giant D-N-A. The alliance will focus on building apps for smart devices and setting up a worldwide membership service to launch this fall. Nintendo was keen to emphasize it is not abandoning consoles, with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata confirming that his company is working on a new dedicated console code-named NX. The new apps for the partnership will include iconic Nintendo characters but will not involve porting games developed for the Nintendo Wii U or 3Ds systems.

Staying in Japan, how about a convertible scooter that will keep you from running into things. The “Innovative Life for You - Active” or ILY-A (Eye-Ree-eh) is a foldable, three-wheel vehicle prototype that can be driven while seated or standing. The vehicle has laser scanners that allow it to automatically stop when it detects people or objects in its path. Powered by a rechargeable battery that’s designed to last a whole day, the vehicle has a top speed of about 10 kilometers per hour. The scooter is slated to be shown off in Italy next month as part of Milan Design Week. The developers have not announced a time frame for commercialization yet.

In a project that brings together 3D modeling, robotics and the Internet, four robots at the Cebit trade show in Hanover worked on creating 2,000 foam objects designed by Internet users from all over the world. People from around the world accessed the four robots via the Robochop website, where a 3D web app will help them realize their proposed designs. Using a hot-wire cutting tool with coaxial cooling, the robots shape high-density foam cubes according to the designers wishes. Each cube can be transformed into a stool, small table or something a bit more abstract. The end result will be shipped to the creator.

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