Hyundai's Android Wear app lets you control your car from your wrist

CIO | Apr 3, 2015

Hyundai shows us the latest addition to its Blue Link communication and navigation platform: a smartwatch app for Android Wear.

Hyundai wants you to be able to unlock your car with a few taps to your watch.

The automaker is entering the wearables space with a new smartwatch app for Android Wear. It’s the latest addition to its BlueLink communications and navigation platform and the app is available for download in the Google Play store.

By tapping on the commands or speaking into the watch, you’ll be able to do things like lock and unlock the doors, start and stop the car, flash the lights and honk the horn. It takes up to 30 seconds for the commands to be carried out.

The smartwatch app has to be paired via Bluetooth to an owner’s smartphone that has the BlueLink mobile app. While it’s only available for Android Wear now, Hyundai plans to roll out an app for the Apple Watch about a month after it launches.

The Blue Link smartwatch app works with first and next generation Blue Link equipped Hyundai models, including the Genesis, Sonata and Azera.

With reporting by Marc Ferranti in New York, Melissa Aparicio, IDG News Service.