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BrandPost By Tammy Dozois
Jun 24, 2015

Everything You Wanted to Know about Flash Hybrid Solutions


Are you grappling with new ways to harness growing data? Until recently, you had very little choice for data storage: high-cost, high performance SSDs or slower, less expensive spinning disks. But, today’s modern flash technologies are a terrific way to increase both storage capacity and performance. So how do you begin to evaluate what’s out there and what’s best for your organization? Read on.

The Right Storage for You

When deciding what type of storage is best for your organization, it really comes down to a balancing act. You’ll need to determine how much storage capacity you need as well as what you can afford. 

The reality is that most organizations can’t afford all-flash storage. Additionally, they may only need the high-performance storage for one or two applications, like a database or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  So what’s an organization to do? Enter hybrid flash—an affordable solution that combines SSDs and traditional slower spinning disks, giving you the performance you need for your critical applications while keeping your costs under control.

Find the Perfect Balance

Our experts can help you evaluate your best strategy to create a hybrid storage system that balances your performance, capacity, and budget requirements today and in the future.  

Watch our latest Chalk Talk video—created in partnership with Dell—to find out more about this emerging hybrid storage technology. With this video as your guide, you will learn:

• What flash hybrid storage is  • How it’s used in environments today  • The differences between hybrid storage and other storage approaches • Why you should choose PC Connection and Dell for your hybrid flash solutions