by CIO Staff


May 05, 20081 min

Connection to Virtualization


CiRBA’s planning software is designed to evaluate existing servers and allow customers to scenario-plan as a way to build and goof-proof their virtual migration plans.

Why It’s Significant

CiRBA’s Data Center Intelligence Software can help IT leaders analyze and visually map how to migrate and consolidate servers to a virtualized environment. For instance, CiRBA’s tools help you figure out which servers and applications can coexist efficiently. The tools analyze factors such as application middleware, database configurations, required service levels and workload patterns. Then CiRBA’s tools can help manage the virtualized environment. The tools are also extensible, so customers can add evaluation criteria of their own or modified to help plan for OS virtualization, application stacking and migrations to blade-server setups.

Key Products

  • CiRBA Data Center Intelligence Software

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