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Marathon Technologies

May 05, 20081 min

Connection to Virtualization


Founded by veterans of Digital’s VAX fault-tolerant systems group, Marathon developed a software-only version of its fault-tolerant cluster technology in 2004, and added support for virtual servers in 2007.

Why It’s Significant

Marathon’s everRun VM products have won acclaim (including a recent VMworld Best of Show award) for their ability to help IT ensure availability to end users. That award is even more interesting given that Marathon’s products today work with Xen virtual environments, not VMware’s. “VM high availability will be a significant concern in 2008 as virtualization technology improvements allow more high-end enterprise applications to run inside virtual machines,” says Burton Group senior analyst Chris Wolf.

Marathon’s betting that mid-market CIOs in particular will like the affordable nature of this high availability and disaster recovery technology.

Key Products

  • everRun VM (high availability and disaster recovery)

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