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Tesco report bumper Xmas…EDF say wind energy is too costly…Debenham trade still slow…Mahindra flies into aircraft building

Jan 11, 2010
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Tescois the latest supermarket to report a profitable Christmas 2009, saying it was its best for three years with like-for-like sales up 4.9 per cent in the six weeks ending January 9, 2010.

Tesco report bumper Christmas CIO UK’s CIO 100 profile of Tesco

Department store chain Debenhams though reported that Christmas made little difference to their results. Like-for-like sales increased by just 0.1 per cent in the 18 weeks to January 2, 2010.

Debenhams Christmas was flat CIO UK comment on Debenhams investing in the downturn

CIO 100 ranked French energy giant has attacked corporations and government that are investing in offshore wind farms for electricity generation. EDF, which wants to build more nuclear power stations across the UK said nuclear power is a more cost effective way of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, which are causing climate change. Chief executive of EDF Vincent de Rivaz tells the Financial Times newspaper today that building four nuclear power stations in the UK will cost less than half the build costs of a wind farm. The government is expected to announce this week a tranche of new wind farms. EDF in the CIO 100 2010 EDF says nuclear is more cost effective than sustainable energy Mahindra, the Indian engineering and manufacturing company that acquired outsourced IT services provider Satyam in 2009 has announced plans to become an aircraft manufacturer. A range of light passenger aircraft are to be developed following the company’s recent acquisition of two Australian aircraft builders. Mahindra adds aircraft to its operations after Satyam acquisition Satyam rebrands as Mahindra Satyam