by Martin Veitch

Watmore gets sweet FA recognition

Feb 18, 20092 mins
IT Leadership

I’ve often heard CIOs say they receive FA recognition for the work they do but now I know it’s true. The appointment of ex-government CIO and Andersen/Accenture veteran Ian Watmore as chief executive the Football Association is interesting indeed. Those given to reading between the lines might view this as an organisation often known for airing its dirty laundry (Faria, Sven et al) and bungling its way through various sagas, desperately seeking somebody who understands process, accounting and service provision.

Watmoreappears a straight dealer, is likeable and he has a strong track record. What’s not so clear is how he will deal with such a high-profile job. If he thinks everybody knows how to run a massively complex computer system, then he will find many more on top who profess to know about the national game.

Well done to him though on getting the job, and well done to the FA for appointing a non-obvious but strong candidate.

Incidentally, Watmore, I believe, spent some of his time in consulting working from Newcastle. Anything you can do to help out a rundown old institution like Newcastle United -special dispensation against relegation or five points for a win, say — would make you a Keegan-like messiah, Ian.