by Richard Steel

‘Gold plated’ public sector? If only…

Mar 09, 20081 min
IT Leadership

The Tax Payers’ Alliance is unhappy about our “gold plated” pension scheme.

I thought wistfully of the non-contributory pension paying 2/3 of final salary at 60 – and the shares, share options, car, ad-hoc bonuses, subsidised mortgage, free lunches (and bar!) I enjoyed when working at a City bank…

A presentation by Siemens Insight on Data Security, at this morning’s SocITM Information Age Government meeting, rather missed the target, considering government shared service imperatives. There was some worthy stuff about the technicalities, but no mention of identity management, authentication or Government Gateway/ Connect.

I had to leave the meeting early to get to Building 1000 for a Caboodle Board meeting; probably the last “in person”.

Although there will need to be another meeting to wind-up the company once all accounts have been settled and other outstanding matters are resolved, it’s likely to be held by audio-conferencing. Meantime, welcome to the Caboodle staff who moved across to Newham ICT, this week.