by Mark Chillingworth

Welcome to the new range of CIO Blogs

Feb 26, 20091 min
IT Leadership

As part of the redesigned CIO UK we have relaunched our range of blogs.  Favourites Richard Steeland Martin Veitchstill share their insights with us and as the editor responsible for all digital content in the CIO UK stable I am joining the blogging fray.

Leading CIOs will be where I share my thoughts on leadership and management. The aim of this blog is to be an open discussion on leadership and an opportunity for me to point you towards information and CIOs who are leading the debate about people leadership and management. 

Please make the most of this blog to air your views and let me know any resources on leadership that you feel your peers in the CIO community should know about.

Which leaves me one last thing to do, and that is to say thank you to all the CIOs who have taken the time to share their thoughts; not only on leadership, but also on what they require from an online CIO UK title.