by Richard Steel

Odds and sods

Jan 16, 20092 mins
IT Leadership

Today was an “Odds & Sods” day!

I met Bob Heaton at his office in East Ham to discuss my return full-time to my “day job” from April, and for a general catch-up.

I wrote to Kathryn Rossiter, at SOLACE, with the suggested CEOs’ 10 questions, for discussion. Circulated the final draft Socitm Position Statement to National Advisory Council and Board members. Any last comments are required by next Friday 23rd, after which it will be published.

Wrote a short briefing on the current Caboodle situation to Newham’s Deputy Mayor (a Caboodle Director) in preparation for a forthcoming board meeting.

I arranged with Elaine Davis, who undertakes marketing of sponsorship and exhibition space for Socitm Conferences, to meet, later this month, to discuss this and related activity, such as our planned business partnerships.

Lee Grafton, from the DWP GC Team, wrote to say that they are now assembling the new Support Team!! I spent some time in ‘phone calls and contacting colleagues to assist in this connection. (Philip Littleavon copied me, among others, into a reply to the Society of London Treasurers regarding their disquiet about Government Connect. A missed opportunity, I thought, to refer to EAS, and ease concerns about flexible working and non Council-owned equipment.)

Geoff, Richard Carde and I met for an update on the Newham Telecoms Convergence programme and Data Centres.

I totally failed, ‘though, to get to grips with this week’s correspondence!