Building smarter networks for better CX and accelerate business growth

Nov 19, 20234 mins

Ruckus aims to be a market Leader for Public and Private Multi-Access Network Solutions across industries.

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Amidst the fervour over AI and more recently, Generative AI, companies are actively in exploration and early deployment mode, further adding for the need of data analysis, app modernisation and cloud adoption across their organisation. Foundry’s 2023 State of the CIO survey puts need for cybersecurity solutions, replace or upgrade outdated IT infrastructure and App modernisation as top three reasons tech budgets will increase in 2023 and beyond for organisations globally. And network as the foundation needs an overhaul as per maturity curve of digital or business transformation of an organisation.

CIOs hence have no option but to modernise their network infrastructure with latest solutions to support the technology trends and business needs. The changing customer demands, means that well-connected, AI- infused and purpose driven converged network will be the real game changer for that competitive edge.

We are living in unprecedented times with tremendous challenges like current labor shortage in our industry, verticals like hotels and airlines recovering from the loss of revenue during the pandemic.  Operational efficiency to run and further invest in IT infra amidst rising energy cost is a case of do more with less,” says Sanjiv Verma, VP APAC, Ruckus Networks.

Customer expectations especially of digitally native users is very high. The pandemic accelerated the trend toward more connected lives, and that’s changed what people expect from their service providers.

RUCKUS builds solutions that meet those customers’ expectations delivering immediate and long-term ROI through a combination of revenue generation and operational cost reductions says says Jitendra Gupta, Regional Director, India and SAARC, Ruckus Networks.

Ruckus aims to be a market Leader for Public and Private Multi-Access Network Solutions across Networking Intelligent Cellular and Security.

CIOs and tech leaders need to ensure the networks across their Infra, clouds and devices are seamless, efficient, intelligent, scalable secure. And all this leads to delivering that great customer (guest) experience utilising your product, solutions and services; the most important deliverable in sectors like hospitality.

Evolution of Networking Industry for Hospitality Sector

As per HT’s 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Study: Embracing Digital Transformation, demonstrated that hospitality customers no longer simply accept the role of technology in their experiences and transactions, but actually demand it. Hospitality customers especially expect a measure of empowerment, in the form of mobile and self-service technologies.

Hence a 360 degree guest experience from check in to check out including Wireless as the foundation For Guest Personalization, For Staff Optimization and For Property Management becomes  the core. Today’s Hospitality Wi-Fi Realities around Mobile Revolution, stream-to-TV, in-room controls, IPTV/ VoD, digital signage, VoIP to name a few. “And you can surpass guest expectations with a smarter, simpler, stronger, secure network – the right network as a solid foundation for exceptional experiences and improved brand loyalty,” says Jitendra

A RUCKUS network delivers VIP experiences for every guest with:  Wi-Fi and switching connectivity. IT and OT convergence, IoT integration, Analytics & Safety, security and loss prevention. That’s the reason so many hospitality properties across the world turn to RUCKUS for technologies that deliver exceptional guest connectivity experiences, says Gupta.

Top Tech Trends for 2024

Organisations’ top management are expecting CIOs to strengthen IT and Business collaboration besides a focus on improving customer management. Most investments in technology has to have a business outcome and many projects are now funded by LOBs than just CIO teams, hence synergy between IT teams and LOBs is paramount says Mehta.

Reliable wireless along with high performance network hence becomes a must for organisations as we see converged network with connected customer experience. Network modernisation has to be foundation to build your apps, digitization and other new age technologies, says Sanjeev Mehta at Ruckus.

CIOs and tech leaders have to synergise the ABC – AI, Business Continuity, and Customer Experience – of the Networking World, to accelerate their digital transformation journey and grow their business.