Infographic: 3 Productivity-Killing Tasks Your Employees Want You to Automate

BrandPost By Smartsheet
Jan 23, 2018
IT Leadership

In-depth survey results regarding what knowledge workers think about automation.

Your competition is doing it. Your employees are asking for it. And in industries across the board, business and IT leaders are talking about it: Automating repetitive tasks can obliterate wasted time and drive improvements to process and profits. By removing manual steps from everyday work, automation can help knowledge workers become more efficient, in turn saving countless hours, freeing them from the boring tasks they hate — and giving you a happier workforce and a healthier bottom line.

Many organizations are moving quickly down the automation path, and with good reason: a recent survey shows that employees want their employers to automate manual, repetitive processes, and give them the time back to focus on higher-value work. In fact, 59% of workers say that automating manual  tasks could save them six or more hours per week.

Here’s an in-depth look at what knowledge workers think about automation — and the top three productivity killers they want their employers to automate.


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