by Al Sacco

Rapid review: Philips 276E6 quantum dot monitor

Jun 03, 2016
Computers and PeripheralsMonitors

Philips says its 276E6 display is the world's first 'quantum dot' monitor, and it's designed to deliver pro-quality colors at a consumer price point. This short video review shows how the E6 shines — and where it falls short.

Anyone who’s recently shopped for a new display knows they typically don’t come cheap.

If you want a large HD display with the latest screen tech, you’re very likely going to pay top dollar. However, Philips, known more for personal gadgetry and home appliances — such as beard trimmers, electronic toothbrushes and espresso machines — than PC hardware, came up with a unique compromise, using a new screen technology: the $299 Philips 276E6 QD display with “quantum dots” (QD).

In short, quantum dots are light-emitting nanocrystals designed to produce a wide range of colors of light. When used in displays like Philips’s 276E6 monitor, they’re supposed to provide more life-like colors than other mid-range sRGB monitors and comparable colors to much more expensive full Adobe RGB monitors. (Learn more about QD tech in this YouTube video.)

Philips says its display is the first monitor to use QD technology. I was curious about these newfangled techno dots, so I used the 276E6 monitor nearly every day for the past month — writing, editing, manipulating photos, riding the Interweb waves and occasionally watching “Silicon Valley” on HBO Now. I found a lot to like, but Philips had to make some obvious sacrifices to hit the $300 price point. Check out my “rapid review” video below for specifics.