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The Hiring Manager Interviews

May 15, 20074 mins
IT Leadership

Conversations with IT managers on how they hire the best

Is hiring instinctive? Or can you teach people how to make good hires? In this monthly Q&A series, executive recruiters from The Alexander Group speak with IT executives about their hiring and interviewing practices.

The CIO of Ameristar Casinos Likes to Gamble, But Not When It Comes to Hiring

Sheleen Quish has hired her share of risky candidates. Sometimes they’ve worked. Other times they haven’t. Overall, her approach to hiring is methodical and pragmatic, and the risks she takes are always calculated.



VIDEO: Spiegel Brands’ Interview Process

VIDEO: How Ogilvy & Mather’s CTO Finds Great IT Talent

VIDEO: How Scottrade’s Joan Albeck Finds Great IT Talent

Jonathan Heiliger, Facebook’s VP of Technology Operations, on Artful Grilling

Heiliger really grills people with technical, math and problem-solving questions, so his potential hires had better be prepared to think on their feet. Here’s why he favors that approach, and what he’s learned so far from Facebook’s rapid hiring spree.

Read more >> M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Hires IT Pros Who Can Keep Up With Doctors’ Ever-Changing Needs

Dr. Lynn Vogel, CIO of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, discusses what it takes for IT staff to succeed in his organization, how he makes hiring decisions and the hiring mistake he repeatedly makes.

Read more >> Alan Etterman Shares His Sensible Hiring Practices

The CAO of JDS Uniphase doesn’t aim to get the perfect hire every time, and neither should you. In this Q&A, Alan Etterman explains why.

Read more >> Harvard Business School’s CIO Builds Trust and Respect Among His IT Staff by Involving Them in His Hiring Process

If you’re interested in learning how a hiring process can create a stronger IT department, and if you need effective techniques for assessing a candidate’s cultural fit, you must read this interview with Harvard Business School CIO Stephen Laster.

Read more >> PG&E CIO Shares Her Unique Method for Engaging Candidates During Interviews

Pat Lawicki asks candidates the kinds of questions they’d have to answer on a day-to-day basis about projects if they got the job.

Read more >> Effective Hiring Techniques Keep Turnover Low in Frank Hoose’s IT Department

The American Diabetes Association’s senior vice president of IT uses behavioral interviewing techniques and gathers input from his staff to pick winning candidates.

Read more >> David Price Knows Exactly What He Wants and Needs from Candidates for His IT Department

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s EVP of internal operations looks for personable individuals with good communication skills, energy, curiosity and experience managing large-scale systems.

Read more >> US Airways CIO Seeks Candidates for His “Blue Collar” IT Department

Joe Beery explains how he picks candidates who can keep up with the airline industry, and he shares his biggest hiring mistake: letting a staffing challenge override his gut in a hiring decision.

Read more >> Acellent’s CIO Values a Candidate’s Integrity and Attitude Above All

William Howell shares his hiring mistakes and his secrets for selecting the best job candidates, finding objective references and using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.

Read more >> Kohl’s CIO Jeff Marshall Hires Candidates Who Embrace Change

Don’t hire for a specific position or to resolve a specific problem, advises Marshall. Hire for the bigger picture.

Read more >> United Space Alliance CIO Seeks Team-Oriented Candidates

Kathy Tamer discusses her hiring process and how she develops a workforce for the future.

Read more >> Patrick Tisdale Shares His Techniques for Sussing Out Candidates

The CIO of law firm Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe makes sure to ask about a candidate’s past work environments, community service activities and work-life balance concerns.

Read more >> Northern Trust CTO Nirup Krishnamurthy Looks for Candidates with Impact

Krishnamurthy defines a successful hire as someone who has made valuable contributions to the team within two years. He teases out ideal candidates by listening to his gut, asking his team for input and doing personality assessments.

Read more >> AIG American General CIO Jeff Carlson Advises Candidates to Study Hard and Ask Smart Questions

If you want to ace an interview with Carlson, read this Q&A to find out four of the questions he’ll ask you and why you should learn as much as you can about his company. If you’re hiring staff, Carlson recommends understanding the skills the position for which you’re hiring requires, the candidate’s cultural fit, and listening more than you talk.

Read more >> Jack in the Box CIO Stephanie Cline Shares Lessons from Her Hiring Mistakes

In this series debut, Cline dishes about her most and least successful hires. She also explains how she quickly ascertains a candidate’s modus operandi during an interview and why she doesn’t force her team to accept a candidate its members don’t like.