Tieto and Cloud Verified: Delivering Business Benefits for Nordic Enterprises

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Jan 25, 2019
Cloud Computing

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Tieto is a leading Nordic software and services company, employing approximately 15000 experts globally in close to 20 countries. Key market of the company is in Nordics, but it is serving customers in over 90 countries worldwide.

The company was named one of 2018’s Top 25 Enterprise Global FinTech providers by IDC Financial Insights. Long-term solid commitment to drive innovation, performance and social responsibility got Tieto listed as 2018 Thomson Reuters top 100 Tech Leaderwith altogether 14 European and 3 Nordic companies.

We recently spoke to Tieto’s CIO Markus Suomi and Petteri Uljas, the company’s head of cloud and capacity services, about the transformative computing trends shaping their customers’ businesses, the power of the cloud, and what it means to be VMware Cloud Verified.

“We’ve always grown with our customers. Whenever there was a paradigm shift or a significant technological development, we’ve been there to apply our deep technical understanding,” says Suomi of Tieto’s dramatic growth since the company’s founding 50 years ago. “New technologies come frequently. For our customers, the question is always: How do we utilize these advancements to modernize our IT systems most effectively, overcome real-world business problems and deliver a strong return on investment?”

Tieto provides a wide range of IT services that guide enterprises through their digital transformation – offering everything from customer experience consulting to development work and a wide array of managed services. Notably, the company’s customers — which include leaders in automotive, construction, education, energy, financial services, forestry, government, healthcare, manufacturing, media, mining, retail and others — rely on Tieto for solutions that draw on its industry-specific business expertise as much as its IT acumen.

“We’re unusual among IT services companies in that many of our customers come to us for our understanding of their industries,” says Uljas. “It’s one thing to supply technology and IT services to your customers, but much more when you can recommend an entirely new process that empowers them to be more successful. Ultimately, our job is to solve the business challenges our customers face by utilizing technology, not to provide technology services and products.”

This comprehensive approach often requires Tieto’s teams to create solutions that combine cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time analytics, 5G networking, the Internet of Things, and other transformative trends with longstanding legacy systems that still get the job done. Simultaneously, the company’s teams provide not only the resulting managed services, but also the ancillary support — including software development, R&D, DevOps and quality assurance — needed to take any project from inception to deployment, measurement, and maintenance.

At the core of these efforts is the cloud, which Tieto offers through Tieto OneCloud, a hybrid cloud platform that utilizes VMware’s Software Defined Data Center portfolio to deliver the elasticity, performance, and cost savings customers demand. Tieto OneCloud also offers the flexibility for public, private or hybrid cloud deployments that address the unique needs of specific use cases and workloads, data sovereignty requirements, and legislation such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation.

“In many ways the cloud is the next step in the revolution that VMware and virtualization made possible,” adds Suomi. “VMware’s solutions are at the core of what we do with cloud services and the integration of the different platforms we offer, including the edge computing capabilities we deliver from 290 sites worldwide.

“VMware addresses our integration needs and makes it easy for us to provision capacity from our data centers and those of our partners,” he continues. “And because we are Cloud Verified, we have great visibility into upcoming VMware enhancements that we can incorporate into our service offerings in advance. As a result, we’re able to act on the ability virtualization gives us to provide our customers with new capabilities, while radically simplifying their infrastructure.”

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