Delphix + AWS = Safer, Faster Movement to the Cloud

BrandPost By Patrick Lightbody
Nov 29, 2017
Cloud Computing

Delphixu2019 new partnership with AWS helps development teams speed up and secure migrations to the industry-leading Amazon Web Services cloud platform.rn

Wait times for data can be painfully slow for teams that are tasked with moving data to the cloud and utilizing that data for application development. Delphix recently combined the power of Amazon Web Services with the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform to help speed up and secure migrations to the industry-leading AWS cloud platform.

Available today in the AWS Marketplace, the combination of Delphix on AWS can trim migration time on cloud projects from weeks and months to days. Customers can also mask their data to ensure that sensitive information is protected during the application development process.

Many joint customers use Delphix with Amazon’s cloud platform to tackle use cases as diverse as development and testing, backup and disaster recovery, analytics/reporting, and data migration.

Data operators and consumers can unlock the power of Delphix through:

  • Fast and cost-efficient migration of on-premises data to AWS;
  • Ability to spin up lightweight test environments and trial cutover environments for validation and go-live rehearsal;
  • Enablement of hybrid cloud architectures in which on-premises production data stays synchronized with non-production data in AWS;
  • Masking of sensitive data on-premises before replicating to AWS. This drastically reduces the risk of a potential data breach and drives compliance with key regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR;
  • Powerful, ongoing self-service capabilities for developers that dramatically improve productivity, including the ability to refresh, rewind, bookmark, branch, and share.

These exciting new extensions to the Delphix platform can connect any and all data, wherever it resides. Delphix is fast becoming a critical component of any cloud strategy, the secret sauce that enables companies to quickly and safely migrate data to help accelerate innovation and drive important digital transformation projects.

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