by Kevin Fogarty

Embotics Aims to Make Managing Mobs of VMs Easier

Jun 23, 20082 mins

Virtualization tools vendor Embotics today launches version two of its V-Commander product, which automates lifecycle management of virtual machines.

Virtual-server software developer Emboticswill launch version two of its V-Commander product this week, with a greater ability to manage virtual machines according to pre-set policies, better reporting and better identification of virtual servers, according to the vendor.

V-Commander is designed to limit the potential for unmonitored virtual machines to sap computing resources by automating the lifecycle of virtual machines. The new version allows users to create “zones” and groupings of virtual machines according to more flexible criteria and adds to the functions that can be written into policies governing VMs.

More flexible analysis tools allow users to create reports on VMs based on tasks and other criteria chosen by the user, and to identify the cost of VMs that whose lifecycle has expired or that are running unauthorized.

Tagging and policy features also allow groups of VMs to be assigned to larger groups, rather than requiring those characteristics to be set one at a time.

Embotics estimates that on average, an environment of 150 VMs has anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 locked up in redundant VMs.

David Lynch, VP of marketing for Embotics, has cited rogue VMs, unpatched VMs and VM naming messes as examples of the ten top virtualization risks hiding in your company.

The new Embotics product will be available July 11.