by CIO Staff


May 06, 20081 min

Connection to Virtualization


Leostream is known for technology that aids with migration of physical servers to virtual servers. It provides utilities to migrate servers from physical to virtual, and connect end users to applications running on virtual servers using remote sessions and terminal-server functions.

Why It’s Significant

Leostream’s products are designed to help automate the conversion from physical servers to virtualized servers. Its software is installed on a physical server, where it maps and takes a snapshot of all running processes, applications and drivers. It identifies which would be required to run on a virtual server (items which would not require the drivers for the physical server’s hard drives, for example) and tells the hypervisor which processes and drivers to assemble and run on a Windows OS on top of a hypervisor. Then it copies the disks from the physical server to the virtual server, verifies the VM is running correctly, and shuts itself down. The company also supports virtualized applications with a product designed to connect end users via terminal server and remote session to applications running on centrally managed virtual servers.

Key Products

  • P>V Direct 3.0
  • Hosted Desktop Connection Broker

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