by CIO Staff


May 06, 20081 min

Connection to Virtualization


Parallels, a maker of a multi-operating-system based hypervisor and guest OS management tools, broke the pattern of Unix-or-Windows based virtual servers by expanding to build one that can run on top of Macintosh hardware and operating systems.

Why It’s Significant

Virtualization on the Mac. Parallels (like Virtual Iron) doesn’t depend on a specific operating system or OS-company partner. Its hypervisor and VM management products run on Unix, Windows and, uniquely, on Macintosh hardware. That allows customers to keep the hardware vendors they already use and build virtual server farms running several operating systems as the VM host, running Windows, Unix or Mac OS.

Key Products

  • Parallels Server, hypervisor
  • Parallels Server for Mac
  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

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