by Laurianne McLaughlin

10 Ways to Know Your Geek Is Just Not That Into You

Feb 12, 20093 mins

Is your fiery romance on track, or headed for the rails faster than Ruby? In time for Valentine's Day, our helpful guide explains the signs that show your guy or gal geek is about to change that Facebook relationship status to "single."

Maybe you’ve heard about that new chick flick, “He’s Just Not That into You” (starring among others, romance self-help experts Jennifer (“I’m just more into my own hairstyle than Brad”) Anniston and Ben (“I am SO over J-Lo”) Affleck.) The film plays on the single guy or gal’s classic question: How can you tell if your current squeeze is hot for you, or merely lukewarm? The signals that your average Joe or Jane puts out are one thing, but some special rules apply for geeks and techies.

So in time for Valentine’s Day, we offer this helpful guide to see whether the one you IM most is really that into you—or perhaps two-timing you with the BlackBerry admin down the hall.

10 Ways to Know Your Guy Geek is Just Not That Into You

1. He uses a work PC, two or more home PCs, a laptop and an iPhone or BlackBerry but somehow misses some of the e-mails that you send.

2. He uses “Wii” more than “we” in conversation.

3. His work team has started going out for beers on Friday night, not Thursday.

4. He never leaves flirty comments on your Facebook page.

5. He takes you to the movies, not the big convention for his hobby.

6. He has not taken you anywhere near the coffee place with the cute girl who’s frothed his latte every day for the last year.

7. He says he’ll be working too hard to bring you along to his tradeshow in Vegas.

8. He moves out of your basement and back into his parents’ basement.

9. He shows no interest in your “Princess Leia on Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge” outfit.

10. He let you upgrade to Vista.

10 Ways to Know Your Girl Geek is Just Not That Into You

1. Her clothes smell like men’s cologne and she blames that contractor in the next cube.

2. She says that the guy’s name inside the heart-shaped tattoo is really HTML.

3. She doesnt wear her going-out T-shirts for you anymore.

4. She has not taken you memory card shopping.

5. She has not created any secret code words that only the two of you use in IM.

6. She sends you this helpful line of code: 1000110 GET LOST 00100.

7. She tells her Twitter followers more than she tells you.

8. She has never shown you her Second Life avatar, Princess Database Desire.

9. She shows no interest in your Transformers Halloween costume.

10. She tells you she thinks you’re a “PC guy” at heart.