by Tom Kaneshige

iPad Meets the Art of Sushi

Aug 30, 20121 min
Consumer ElectronicsTablets

More and more, the iPad is popping up as a single-purpose device such as a cash register or menu. At Shoyu Japanese restaurant, you can order sushi, sake and noodles on an iPad.

Sushi chefs have been slicing raw fish for 200 years, serving simple yet delicious morsels to eager customers sitting in front of them. Now the old is about to meet the new.

Japanese restaurant Shoyu just rolled out nearly 100 iPads placed alongside chopsticks and sake rice wine. Shoyu is a restaurant in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport operated by OTG Management in New York. This is part of a larger OTG iPad rollout at airport restaurants across the country.

Customers can use iPads to order food, surf the Web and even play games. That’s all well and good, but the allure of the sushi bar is the cordial interplay between customers and the sushi chef, who performs his art in front of everyone. Let’s hope the new iPad doesn’t ruin this tradition.

Here are some pictures of Shoyu and the iPad taken earlier this week: