by Kristin Burnham

In Social Business ‘Fast Is the New Strong’

Jun 19, 20121 min
Social Networking Apps

The Enterprise 2.0 conference kicked off in Boston this morning with a series of keynotes. Here's what speed, fire and football have to do with it.

“This game is not fast. This game is faster. Stronger. Fast is the new strong.”

That’s how Nike Collaboration Director Richard Foo kicked off his keynote this morning at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. Below is the clip he shared with the audience. Take a look:

But what does turf, fire and some of football’s great athletes have to do with social media in the enterprise? Not that much, really. But take the ad’s theme and compare it to social business, and the parallels become more apparent.

The ad emphasizes speed and performance: “The game is faster,” says the voice over. “Fast is the new strong.” This “game” of succeeding in social business—the backbone of the Enterprise 2.0 conference—is all about speed: finding a solution you can roll out quickly. Getting users on board. And giving employees the tools they need—with the necessary education—so they can find information, get answers and make decisions faster. Essentially, being a stronger employee.

And, really, that’s what social business is all about.