by Tom Kaneshige

How Big Is Apple?

Jul 24, 20121 min
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Did you know Apple’s annual revenue matches the GDP of New Zealand? Here are other fun facts.

Everyone knows Apple is big. Blockbuster earnings and a soaring stock have become, well, the new normal. It would be shocking if this wasn’t the case.

Now Sortable has come out with a video that wraps some context around Apple’s massive success. The video is below, but some highlights include:

  • Apple’s $142 billion annual revenue equals the gross domestic product of New Zealand.
  • Apple’s $110 billion in cash on hand can purchase RIM, Nokia, Twitter, Adobe, Netflix and T-Mobile, and still have some left over for a dividend.
  • China makes up 20 percent of Apple sales.

Here’s the video:

Sortable Apple by the Numbers. Created by Wyzowl