by Paul Mah

Protect Your iPhone from Prying Eyes with New ZAGG Privacy Screen

Jun 25, 20122 mins
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Are you surrounded by nosy neighbors? Encompassed by curious cubicle mates? Protect your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S from prying eyes--and dings and scratches--with ZAGG's brand new $25 Privacy screen protector.

Mobile-device accessory maker ZAGG last week launched its new ZAGG Privacy screen protector, a film that can be applied to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to block the display when viewed from an angle and protect it from nosy neighbors. ZAGG, creator of the popular invisibleSHIELD screen protector, also says ZAGG Privacy helps protect your iDevice from dings and scratches.


My white iPhone 4S with ZAGG Privacy.

Less effective privacy filters typically work best when viewed from a specific angle. But the ZAGG Privacy offers “360 Degrees Screen Protection” by using a four-way privacy filter to block the screen from every side, according to the manufacturer.

I just received the ZAGG Privacy today, and I promptly applied it to my iPhone 4S. When viewed from the top or sideways, small and mid-sized text is effectively blocked. Larger text can still be seen, though reading words is difficult. Images are also visible, so you still shouldn’t be looking at NSFW stuff during meetings, etc.


Onscreen text is barely readable from the side.


Large font is fuzzy when viewed the top.

As is the case with all the privacy filters I’ve used, the ZAGG Privacy screen causes a noticeable reduction in brightness and screen resolution when applied to an iPhone. I bumped up my iPhone’s screen brightness from the three-quarters mark to its maximum level, and reading email became more tolerable. The ZAGG Privacy is relatively thin, but it is thick enough to stop me from using Ottobox iPhone 4S Reflex case, since my device won’t fit with the screen protector applied. If you use a snug-fitting case with your iPhone, the thickness of the ZAGG Privacy could be an issue.


The ZAGG Privacy is thin, but it could be a problem for snug-fitting iPhone cases.

Ultimately, the privacy filter works as advertised, and it will also protect your screen from scratches. The ZAGG Privacy retails for $24.99, and it is available at Best Buy and for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. ZAGG plans to release similar privacy screens for additional devices, including tablets, in the near future.