7 secrets of high-performing IT teams

Getting staff to move beyond simply meeting basic goals is an art only select IT leaders possess. Here are seven performance-boosting techniques top IT pros rely on.

7 secrets of high-performing IT teamS
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Every IT leader wants to head a team renowned for its talent, productivity and imagination, but few actually have what it takes to elevate their staffs to an exceptional plateau.

One key differentiator between middling managers and superstar IT leaders is fear, as  many managers, simply by being reluctant or unable to assume risk, miss the opportunity to drive their staffs to stellar performance.

"A big hindrance to IT teams achieving high performance is fear — whether [leaders are] afraid to fail, mess up, be wrong or cause an outage," observes Evan Callender, a director in the managed services practice of West Monroe, a multinational management and technology consulting firm. Rather than shirk away from the challenge, IT leaders hoping to energize their teams should prepare themselves to "fail fast, expect failure and learn from it," he says.

Do you have the right stuff to drive your IT team to new heights? The following seven tips will help you get started.

1. Prioritize learning

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